Saturday, May 21, 2011

2011 can suck it

So far 2011 has been dissapointment after dissapointement. Im hoping to turn that around from here on out. Im putting it out there.. 2011 you WILL be better from now until...forever. Take that! But really, Im expecting big things from you 2011.. good things.

Anyway, another semestter done. I've only got about 40 more college hours to go.. at this rate I should be done before the next Apocalypse.

So what's new in my world..
My husband got a new job.. Winning!
Livi is now a mobile human being, she walks upright like the best of us.. Winning!
Jack cut off his Justin Bieber locks...Winning!
Haley got voted off American Idol.. NOT Winning! Come on America!

I've been kinda bumming around since school got out.. laying low. Well actually I've been sort of wrapped up in family situations. My beautiful grandmother who was diagnosed two years ago with stage 4 breast cancer fell ill and passed away. I say suddenly, but we should have known it was coming at some point.. chemo wasn't working and the cancer kept spreading.

Cancer.. it sucks. I am so amazed that we cannot crack this enigma. We can send people to the moon, we can figure out how to send bits of information to who knows where(aka the Internet), we can kill Osama..but we cannot crack the cancer code. It really bums me out.

I am trying to join the real estate world.. trying. It is hard. I don't usually ever have to study. Things just kind of come naturally to me. Not this. Please do not ask me what an escheat is or what eminent domain means. Because I wont know. Even though I have been trying to study in the midst of all my drama... It just will not stick in my brain. Nothing will. It is like as soon as school lets out my brain shuts off. It goes on vacation.. hopefully somewhere tropical. I need some sun.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

No bueno

Having a sick baby is about as fun as this.

Livi had a double ear and double eye infection this past week. Mr. O and I have been walking around like zombies.

It started off with a temp. of 103.3 and an abundant of whining. Really I might have wanted to sit through that lecture rather than that again. Poor baby :(

Sunday, March 27, 2011


ok it is time for a new post.. every time I get on here I see that scary picture of me. YIKES!

SO my little one is turning one in a couple of weeks. This is very sad for many reasons.
1. She is growing to quickly.
2. She is our very last.. so last 1st b-day celebrations.
3. Reminds me of how fast time goes and how each day I must cherish it..
4. I am getting older.

We, er I, am in the midst of planning this 1st birthday extravaganza. Her birthday attire is planned out. Her invitations are made. Her menu is planned out. Now we just need to buy everything.

I LOVE planning parties but I hate throwing them. Really I hate cleaning up after everyone.
Our theme for her is PINK.

Everything is going to be pink and girly and yummy. I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I'd say it's been one of those mornings. What do you think:

Oh yeah. I'm putting this out there. Way embarrassing..but way worth it to capture how I really feel.

Livi, who is now 10.5 months old, continues to wake up in the middle of the night. Screaming. Bloody murder. NOT FUN.

Most of the time we cannot do anything to soothe her and most of the time we just plop her down in bed with us, which again does not soothe her. Therefore we have a screaming bloody murder 10.5 month old who is now screaming in our ears.

This has been going on for 10.5 months. So let us calculate this.. 10.5 + 9= WAY TOO MANY months of NO SLEEP. I'm tired y'all(my Texan comes out when I'm sleepy)

Sometimes she has what we call moments of insanity because that is what we are both feeling when she does this, she just screams. For what seems like hours. That is so not normal.. or maybe it is, who knows?

All I know is that I wish I drank caffeine on mornings like this. A big ol' cup of Joe sounds amazing right about now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunday Funday

Yeah, I know it's already Tuesday, but I wanted to share our family outing. Which we have decided to make a family tradition for Sundays. We decided to take a trip down town to Market Square. It is a little market that is rich in Mexican culture. There are yummy restaurants chalk full of enchiladas, rice, beans and margaritas..yum! There are panderias aka bakeries which sell the yummiest Mexican pasteries and cookies. Probably chalk full of lard, but delicious none the less. Best part is you can buy beer and walk around and shop at all the different tiendas aka shops, which have goodies from Mexico. All in all it makes for a satisfying trip, especially if you are not familiar with these things.

After grabbing some a quick bite to eat out on the patio of a local restaurant we walked around and took in the people. Jack wanted to ride a mechanical bull and Roland wanted to listen to the music.. I just wanted to shop, so we did it all.

Me and the mister looking pleasantly PLUMP. This picture has inspired me to start up my P90X, FOR REAL this time! I also got Mr. O excited about doing it by making it a competition. hehe

Jack riding the bull :)

The kiddies trying to look cute. Olivia just wants to be left alone with her quesadilla.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No One Ever Told Me

I thought motherhood was hard before, back when I was single. I was so wrong. I look back at those times and while it was hard being alone it wasn't all that much harder. Now, being a wife and a mother of two. That is hard. I gained 2 more people to take care of...

No one ever told me that this would be hard. Enjoyable and worth every blood, sweat and tear but hard.

Add being a full time student into that mix and you have yourself a full blown crazy woman. I have no more me time and if I do I feel guilty about it.

I have wanted to post a witty fun blog for the past couple months. Nothing has come out of it. I don't even think I have any followers anymore.. my fault. So anyways...

I now have a sarcastic fun loving 4 year old and a 10 month old that we swear is training for a food eating contest. Livi, Livi, Livi.. that girl can eat. She is going to take over Man vs. Food one day, no joke. She can eat an entire grilled cheese sandwich, fries, fruit, baby puffs(only mothers of babies know these heaven sent treats) and a bottle. She is like a dog, whenever I try sneaking a cookie she can smell it and immediately crawls fast over to my feet. It's odd. The weirdest part is she has no teeth. None. She gums everything.. she makes it work.

Jack is becoming such a little man. But he is still such a big baby. The boy cries for EVERYTHING. He started crying the other day because when he blew his nose it was too loud. I am starting to save now for him, not because of college but because of therapy sessions in his future. If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, his most recent reply is an acrobat. ???

Never a dull moment in the O House.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Maegan's Favorite Things

1. Volupsa Candles
I love the scents. I love the packaging. I love it ALL. gimme
gimme gimme!


Love, love, love this store! I could probably spend
hours looking at everything. I love their clothes,
accessories but mostly I love their home decor.
Any time I need home inspiration you can find me
looking at their website.

3. TOM's Shoes

How could you not love these cute shoes? They come in so many different colors and patterns. They add the perfect finishing touch to your jeans and tee's AND they are comfortable. But most important is they are shoes with a cause... with ever purchase they donate a pair to someone in need of shoes. How awesome is that?!? So go buy some and make a difference! You'll thank me later.

4. This website. She is awesome and makes me want to have little parties all the time. I happened upon her website when looking for cute things to do for Jack's birthday party...can't believe my boys is 4!

5. KitchenAid Mixer

How did I survive without this? Really? I am a baking fool now that I have this awesome kitchen staple. Everyone should own one. This green is awesome color too! Mine is white.. but still does the trick!

These are definitely just a handful of things I love. I got this idea from the lovely, Mrs. B over at her blog.. check it out, here *.(click that star :) )